August 2016 Florida Primary Polls
We self-sponsored a set of statewide polls ahead of the August Primary Election this year. Since this year's primary election is a little different, in that there is a proposed Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, every voter statewide no matter their party affiliation will be allowed to vote.

In a very large poll of over 5,000 active primary voters from all party affiliations, we found strong support for both proposed Amendment 4, and allowing open primaries in the state of Florida

In our Republican primary voter poll, we found that incumbent U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has a very big lead over his nearest competitor to appear on the November General Election ballot. We also asked about the 2018 Governor's race, and found that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Walton County resident for over 6 years, is the surprise leader in the race, with Attorney General Pam Bondi coming in second. A majority of Primary-voting Republicans also think that current Governor Rick Scott would make a good U.S. Senator.

In our Democratic primary voter poll, we found that Congressman Patrick Murphy has established a large lead over fellow Congressman Alan Grayson in the race to get on the general election ballot for the U.S. Senate. When we asked about the 2018 Governor's race, the most popular potential candidate on the Democratic side was Charlie Crist, who was also the party's nominee in 2014. Coming in second is North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham.

This was also the first time in recent memory where the tiny Libertarian party(with just over 20,000 active voters) will have a statewide primary election for U.S. Senate.

Below, you will see our full polling reports, and at the bottom there are links to news articles about these polls.

Link to full PDF file polling reports:
  • All voters - includes questions about Amendment 4 and Open Primaries
  • Democratic voters - includes questions about the U.S. Senate Primary and 2018 Florida Governor's race
  • Republican voters - includes questions about the U.S. Senate Primary and 2018 Florida Governor's race
  • Libertarian voters - includes U.S. Senate Primary

In the news:

(2016-08-03) 37% of Florida GOP voters back Mike Huckabee for governor in 2018

(2016-08-03) Charlie Crist leading statewide survey of 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidates

(2016-08-03) New poll has Patrick Murphy up big over Alan Grayson . 45%-20%

(2016-08-03) New poll shows Marco Rubio walloping Carlos Beruff

(2016-08-03) New survey shows Amendment 4 on August Florida ballot getting 56 percent support
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