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Below you will find links to news stories about the non-public polls that we have conducted. While we stand behind our poll results, we do not endorse any of the editorial content or conclusions drawn on these websites,

(2016-08-03) New survey shows Amendment 4 on August Florida ballot getting 56 percent support

(2016-08-03) 37% of Florida GOP voters back Mike Huckabee for governor in 2018

(2016-08-03) Charlie Crist leading statewide survey of 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidates

(2016-08-03) New poll has Patrick Murphy up big over Alan Grayson . 45%-20%

(2016-08-03) New poll shows Marco Rubio walloping Carlos Beruff

(2016-07-29) Poll: No clear front-runner in Senate District 19 race

(2016-07-28) Poll: Race between Kathleen Passidomo and Matt Hudson a toss-up

(2016-07-28) Dana Young holds narrow lead over Bob Buesing in SD 18

(2016-07-27) Debbie Mayfield holds a double-digit lead over Ritch Workman in SD 17

(2016-07-27) Doug Holder leads crowded Republican field in SD 23

(2016-07-26) Latest poll shows Angela Corey in worse shape than a month ago, trailing Melissa Nelson by 26 points

(2016-06-27) Shock poll: Big trouble for Angela Corey.s re-election bid

(2016-06-16) New poll shows Pat Frank up big over Kevin Beckner in Hillsborough clerk race . 49%-29%

(2016-06-15) Poll shows Pat Kemp leading in Democratic race for Hillsborough County Commission District 6 race

(2016-06-12) New poll shows Darryl Rouson well ahead of Betty Reed and Ed Narain in SD 19 contest

(2016-06-10) New poll of Florida's battleground 13th Congressional District: David Jolly 44%, Charlie Crist 44%

(2016-05-23) Poll: Tough road ahead in Pinellas for Democrats Hillary Clinton, Charlie Justice, Janet Long

(2016-04-26) Corrine Brown leads Al Lawson, 42%-37%, in new poll of CD 5 race

(2016-04-20) In CD 13, poll shows Eric Lynn closing the gap on Charlie Crist

(2016-01-26) Overwhelming support for David Jolly's congressional reform measure, poll says

(2015-12-16) Latest poll of Florida voters shows Donald Trump leading Ted Cruz, 36%-22%

(2015-12-16) Poll: Florida.s GOP U.S. Senate race shaping up as two man race, with David Jolly leading

(2015-11-02) City Council incumbents, Lisa Wheeler-Brown poised for victory Tuesday, new poll shows

(2015-10-13) Poll: Buddy Dyer leading Paul Paulson in 50-31 Orlando mayor.s race

(2015-10-06) Undecided voters in St. Pete are indicative of low voter turnout

(2015-10-06) Amid campaign finance controversy, Lisa Wheeler-Brown.s lead shrinks to within the margin of error

(2015-10-06) Contentious City Council race going down to the wire, new poll says

(2015-09-10) Lisa Wheeler-Brown leads latest City Council poll; undecided voters still a huge factor


(2015-07-30) Hillary Clinton 55 percent, Bernie Sanders 29 percent in Florida, according to new poll

(2015-07-29) Shock poll: Donald Trump leads Jeb Bush 26-20% . in Florida


(2015-07-22) New poll shows Charlie Crist more popular than free ice cream in potential congressional district

(2015-07-21) In tossup St. Pete District 7 race, most undecided, Will Newton leads field

(2015-07-16) Alan Grayson 30%, Patrick Murphy 23% in latest poll of Democratic primary in Florida

(2015-07-16) David Jolly 22%, Jeff Miller 12%, Carlos Lopez-Cantera 11%, Ron DeSantis 9% in poll of GOP race for U.S. Senate

(2015-05-06) Our New St Pete Pier Survey of Destination Vs. Pier Park

(2015-05-05) New poll: Lenny Curry 49%, Alvin Brown 45% with two weeks before Election Day

(2015-05-04) Survey shows overwhelming support for holding referendum on Pier choices

(2015-04-17) New poll shows trouble ahead if St. Pete decision makers reject .Destination St. Pete Pier.

(2015-04-16) If votes had equaled petitions, medical marijuana would have passed

(2015-03-26) Alvin Brown 49%, Lenny Curry 46% in first head-to-head poll of Jax mayoral race

(2015-03-23) New poll finds only single-digit support for Alma design of St. Pete Pier

(2015-03-19) Our New St Pete Pier Design Competition Scientific Survey

(2015-02-03) New survey shows 39 percent of Floridians consider legal gay marriage a .bad thing.

(2015-02-03) Marco Rubio continues to struggle in Florida in new GOP presidential poll

(2015-02-03) New poll shows Rick Scott hurt by Baileygate as majority of Floridians agree it should be investigated

(2015-01-26) Shock poll out of Jacksonville: Alvin Brown.s re-election in serious doubt

(2015-01-15) Second poll from SD 6: Travis Hutson 48%, Doc Renuart 21%, Dennis McDonald 11%

(2014-12-10) Our Poll on Hurricane Preparedness in Pinellas County

(2014-11-06) St. Pete Polls' election cycle in review

(2014-11-05) Tampa Bay's general election Winners & Losers

(2014-11-03) Analyzing the latest survey from St. Pete Poll showing a to-the-decimal-point tie

(2014-11-03) St. Pete Polls: Charlie Crist 45.5%, Rick Scott 45.5%

(2014-10-30) SD 34 race remains deadlocked: Maria Sachs 49%, Ellyn Bogdanoff 48%

(2014-10-30) Jeff Brandes widens lead to nine points over Judithanne McLauchlan in SD 22 race

(2014-10-30) Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez now eight points behind Daniel Diaz Leyva in HD 112

(2014-10-30) Bill Young gains in new poll, still faces tough road against Dwight Dudley in HD 68

(2014-10-30) Bill Hager takes 13-point lead over Democrat David Silvers in HD 89 poll

(2014-10-30) Latest HD 65 poll: Republican Chris Sprowls 55%, Carl ZImmermann 42%

(2014-10-29) Shawn Harrison holds tight to 12-point lead over Mark Danish in HD 63

(2014-10-29) Rene Plasencia takes double-digit lead over Rep. Joe Saunders in HD 49

(2014-10-29) Mike Miller slips 5 points, leads Rep. Linda Stewart by 10 in new HD 47 poll

(2014-10-29) Karen Castor Dentel gains in HD 30 race, but still 11 points behind Bob Cortes

(2014-10-29) In HD 29, Scott Plakon.s double-digit lead over Mike Clelland holds firm

(2014-10-29) GOP super-majority in Florida House even closer to reality, new polls say

(2014-10-24) Our latest Pinellas County poll, with questions on Greenlight, County District 2 and the Governor's race

(2014-10-24) New poll: Charlie Crist leading Rick Scott in Pinellas, his home county, 50% to 40%

(2014-09-24) Greenlight Pinellas transit initiative headed to defeat, new poll says

(2014-10-24) Poll: Democrat Pat Gerard narrowly leads Ed Hooper in Pinellas commission race

(2014-10-17) First public poll post Fangate: Charlie Crist 45%, Rick Scott 43%

(2014-10-17) HD 65 poll: Republican Chris Sprowls 50%, Carl Zimmermann 46%

(2014-10-17) HD 63 incumbent Mark Danish faces double digit deficit in latest poll

(2014-10-17) Nearly six-in-10 HD 59 voters want to keep State Rep. Ross Spano, polling shows

(2014-10-16) New HD 68 polling shows race shifting to Dwight Dudley over Bill Young in past month

(2014-10-16) Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez struggles in HD 112, still five points behind Daniel Diaz Leyva

(2014-10-16) Republican Mike Miller leads Rep. Linda Stewart by 15 points in new HD 47 poll

(2014-10-16) New polling gives Bob Cortes 18-point lead over Karen Castor Dentel in HD 30

(2014-10-16) Scott Plakon opens double-digit lead in House District 29

(2014-10-13) New, comprehensive statewide poll: Rick Scott 45%, Charlie Crist 44%

(2014-10-14) Analyzing the latest poll from St. Pete Polls showing Rick Scott with a one-point lead

(2014-10-01) St. Pete voters don.t want Rick Kriseman to let Rays look for stadium outside city, new poll shows

(2014-09-30) Analyzing our poll about SD 34: A few grains of salt

(2014-09-30) Ellyn Bogdanoff, Maria Sachs deadlocked in SD 34, new polling shows

(2014-09-16) Dwight Dudley.s lead over Bill Young in HD 68 drops to single point

(2014-09-16) GOP HD 65 hopeful Chris Sprowls opens six-point lead over Carl Zimmerman

(2014-09-15) Ross Spano takes 13-point lead over Donna Lee Fore in House District 59

(2014-09-15) Shawn Harrison continues lead over Mark Danish in HD 63

(2014-09-15) Republican Rep. Michael Bileca takes double-digit lead in HD 115, says new poll

(2014-09-15) New poll gives Daniel Diaz Leyva 9 point lead over Jose Rodriguez in HD 112

(2014-09-15) New poll shows Bob Cortes leading incumbent Karen Castor-Dentel 53%-38% in HD 30

(2014-09-15) New poll gives Scott Plakon 19-point lead over Mike Clelland in HD 29

(2014-09-15) Chris Latvala takes eight-point lead in new HD 67 poll

(2014-09-15) Florida GOP poised to seize veto-proof majority in state House

(2014-09-09) Our poll on Red Light Cameras in Brooksville

(2014-09-08) Our latest poll on Greenlight Pinellas

(2014-08-28) Primary polling recap: (Sample) size matters

(2014-08-28) HD 96 epilogue: Outliers and the margin of error

(2014-08-28) Winners & Losers coming out of Florida.s and Tampa Bay.s primary elections

(2014-08-27) St. Pete Polls getting things right

(2014-08-26) In HD 67, it.s possible Chris Latvala will not face the opponent he was expected to

(2014-08-25) Poll: John Shannon maintains lead over Colleen Burton in HD 40 GOP primary

(2014-08-22) Pre-primary poll: Charlie Crist 69%, Nan Rich 19%

(2014-08-22) Here's where sh*t stands in the primaries in HD 5, 6, 15, 61, and 96

(2014-08-22) HD 96 poll results: Outliers and the margin of error

(2014-07-24) Poll Shows Greenlight Rail Tax Opposition High, Grows to 66%

(2014-07-18) Scott Sturgill with 5-point lead over Bob Cortes in HD 30 primary, but most GOP voters undecided

(2014-07-18) Jay Fant leads Paul Renner by double-digits in GOP primary for HD 15

(2014-07-17) Five-way open primary in HD 31 wide-open, new poll says

(2014-07-16) Stop worrying, GOP, Thad Altman holds commanding lead in SD 16 primary

(2014-07-16) Larry Ahern holds 12-point lead over Democratic newcomer Lorena Grizzle in HD 66

(2014-07-16) Shawn Harrison pulls slightly ahead of Mark Danish in race to retake HD 63

(2014-07-16) John Shannon takes 11-point lead over Colleen Burton in HD 40 primary

(2014-07-16) Mike Miller with big lead over Mo Pearson in HD 47 primary, although .Undecided. still ahead

(2014-07-16) Richard DeNapoli has double-digit lead over Julio Gonzales in HD 74 GOP primary

(2014-07-15) In HD 67, GOP.s Chris Latvala widens lead over Democrat Shawna Vercher

(2014-07-15) Republican Chris Sprowls closes gap with Democrat Carl Zimmerman in HD 65 race

(2014-07-15) Republican Bill Young moves to within two points of HD 68 incumbent Dwight Dudley

(2014-07-15) Jeff Brandes with seven-point lead in SD 22, new polling shows

(2014-07-15) GOP incumbent Kathleen Peters in tight, tight race with Dem opponent in HD 69

(2014-07-11) Poll gives Democrat Maria Sachs a 14-point lead over Ellyn Bogdanoff in SD 34

(2014-06-06) Latest poll shows tight races in three Pinellas state House seats

(2014-06-05) With no Democrat on the ballot, Libertarian Lucas Overby trails U.S. Rep. David Jolly by 16 points

(2014-06-05) Latest poll: Greenlight Pinellas eking out 48% support; 45% against

(2014-05-09) Poll shows David Jolly holds wide lead over challengers, Ed Jany and Lucas Overby

(2014-04-28) Support for Greenlight Pinellas depends on how the question is asked

(2014-04-09) Polling shows some Pinellas’ legislative incumbents could have tough re-elects

(2014-04-09) David Jolly would win CD 13 rematch with Alex Sink by two points, new poll says

(2014-04-09) New poll shows Greenlight Pinellas campaign in grave trouble

(2014-03-04) Shock poll: Curt Clawson 38%, Lizbeth Benacquisto 32% in CD 19 special election

(2014-02-26) Alex Sink holds five point lead with early voters over David Jolly, new poll shows

(2014-02-13) While Times poll has Sink +7 over Jolly, our poll has Jolly +2

(2014-02-04) Dave Eggers, Neil Brickfield top field of prospective GOP candidates to succeed Susan Latvala, new poll says

(2014-01-28) Lizbeth Benacquisto is GOP voters. top choice to replace Radel, new poll finds

(2014-01-27) 61% say .No Tax Hike. for Pinellas Rail. Few Will Ride the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Train.

(2014-01-24) As Straz Center, other nonprofits question use of public funds for baseball, new poll suggests public is on their side

(2014-01-16) David Jolly begins CD 13 general election with four point lead over Alex Sink

(2014-01-10) Final poll of GOP primary in CD 13 shows David Jolly well ahead; Kathleen Peters slips to third

(2013-12-31) In latest poll of CD 13 GOP primary, David Jolly pulling away from Kathleen Peters

(2013-11-06) David Jolly leads new poll of GOP primary in Special Election for CD 13

(2013-11-05) Final pre-election poll of St. Pete.s mayor.s race: Rick Kriseman 48%, Bill Foster 45%

(2013-10-25) Second poll shows Rick Kriseman with a 6-point lead over Bill Foster

(2013-10-16) In new poll of CD, Rick Baker and Alex Sink are clear favorites, with Sink on top

(2013-10-16) Latest poll shows clear leaders in St. Pete City Council races

(2013-10-15) Heading into tonight.s televised debate, new poll shows Rick Kriseman leading Bill Foster, 48% to 42%

(2013-10-10) Flash poll: Charlie Crist the overwhelming favorite of Dems to replace Bill Young; Rick Baker leads possible GOP contenders

(2013-10-01) Special election in HD 36 deadlocked at Bill Gunter 44%, Amanda Murphy 44%; Fasano endorsement would swing race

(2013-09-24) Sorry, Bill Foster, we polled the St. Pete mayoral race again and still down five points!

(2013-09-04) City Voters Losing Confidence, But They Still Love Their Mayor By Rick Outzen

(2013-08-29) Bill Gunter holds significant lead in poll of House District 36 GOP primary

(2013-08-29) Here.s the first round of post-primary polling in St. Pete.s city council races

(2013-08-28) Rick Kriseman begins general election campaign with three point lead . 47% to 44% . over Bill Foster, fresh poll says

(2013-08-25) Poll: Buckhorn would best all comers, except Iorio; little support for taxes-for-Rays-stadium

(2013-08-20) Voters overwhelmingly support stopping .The Lens., final pre-election poll reveals

(2013-08-20) Final pre-election poll: Bill Foster 33%, Rick Kriseman 32%, Kathleen Ford 22%

(2013-07-22) On eve of early voting, Darden Rice, Amy Foster lead City Council races by wide margins

(2013-07-21) What a difference a Chicken makes: Kathleen Ford drops 7 points in latest poll of St. Pete.s mayoral race

(2013-07-19) What a poll of House District 21 tells us about Crist vs. Scott

(2013-07-11) Poll: Ford 32%, Foster 26%, Kriseman 19%; Ford crushing Foster heads-up

(2013-06-06) St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster in third place, trailing both Ford and Kriseman, in new poll of likely voters

(2013-06-05) New poll shows St. Pete Councilmember Karl Nurse safe, while Jim Kennedy leads hypothetical opponents by smaller margins in St. Pete City Council races

(2013-05-31) Poll shows Bill Foster in deep trouble, trails Kathleen Ford & Rick Kriseman heads-up; black voters fleeing from incumbent

(2013-05-29) Bill Foster’s proposed additional ballot questions on Pier would meet with decisive results, poll says

(2013-05-29) Support for referendum to ‘Stop the Lens’ drops significantly in latest poll

(2013-05-15) One more time … in case there was still any doubt about St. Pete Polls …

(2013-05-11) Latest poll in HD 2 special election: Mike Hill surges to a 12-point lead over Ed Gray

(2013-05-02) SEIU Endorsed Darden Rice for St. Pete Council District Four Seat

(2013-04-21) In latest poll of House District 2 special election, Mike Hill closing gap on frontrunner Ed Gray; Scott Miller, Jack Nobles trail

(2013-04-16) In case there was still any doubt about St. Pete Polls…

(2013-04-16) Latest poll shows deadlocked race for St. Pete mayor: Foster 28%, Ford 27%, Kriseman 23%

(2013-04-10) Midway through session, poll finds Tampa Bay voters don’t approve of their legislators’ work

(2013-02-28) Poll reveals high approval for Tampa Bay Times, but ambivalence toward its candidate recs & opposition to its name change

(2013-02-19) The most insightful poll you’ll read about St. Pete’s mayoral election

(2013-02-15) Tampa voters mostly approve of Buckhorn’s pursuit of baseball, but don’t want to see tax dollars pay for it, poll says

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