St. Petersburg Surveys
February 2012 City of St. Petersburg General Survey

Telephone survey of registered voters within the City of St Petersburg, conducted on February 2nd and 3rd, 2012:

In our early February St. Petersburg general city poll, we asked about a hypothetical matchup for the St. Pete 2013 race for Mayor, a new police headquarters and the Pier design competition. The Mayor saw his approval raiting go up significantly. City Council also saw their approval rating go up. Red light cameras saw their approval go up to their highest level to date.

Total people polled: 1620

Do you approve of how the City Council is doing their job?

Yes: 52.9% No: 47.1%

Do you approve of how Bill Foster is doing as Mayor?
Yes: 55.8% No: 44.2%

Do you support the current plan to build a new $60 million police headquarters?
Yes: 38.5% No: 61.5%

Do you think the city installing red light cameras was a good thing?
Yes: 53.5% No: 46.5%

Would you support the city raising the property tax rate if less city services would be cut and if the average property owner would not see a net increase in their taxes?
Yes: 49.4% No: 50.6%

Do you support the new Maltzan Lens Pier design or do you think other alternatives should be considered?
Support the new design: 28.1%
In favor of other options: 71.9%

In a hypothetical match-up for the 2013 race for Mayor, who would you vote for: Bill Foster, Rick Kriseman, Leslie Curran or Steve Kornell?
Bill Foster: 48.5%
Rick Kriseman: 12.2%
Leslie Curran: 22.4%
Steve Kornell: 16.9%

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