St. Petersburg Surveys
November 2011 City of St. Petersburg General Survey

Telephone survey of registered voters within the City of St Petersburg, conducted from November 5th - 6th, 2011:

In our early November St. Petersburg general city poll, we asked about the Rays getting a new stadium, the Pier and EMS services.

Total people polled: 2149

Do you plan on voting in the November 8th city election?
Yes: 63.8% No: 25.5% Already voted: 10.7%
Do you approve of how the City Council is doing their job?
Yes: 51.1% No: 48.9%
Do you approve of how Bill Foster is doing as Mayor?
Yes: 53.1% No: 46.9%
Do you think that the Rays Baseball team needs a new stadium?
Yes: 22.7% No: 77.3%
Do you think the city should let the Rays look for a new stadium site outside of the city?
Yes: 25.5% No: 74.5%
Do you think the city installing red light cameras was a good thing?
Yes: 53.4% No: 46.6%
Do you think the city should put the question of whether to demolish and build a new Pier on the ballot?
Yes: 63.5% No: 36.5%
Do you think the city should handle its own EMS services?
Yes: 66.8% No: 33.2%
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