St. Petersburg Surveys
December 2011 City of St. Petersburg General Survey

Telephone survey of registered voters within the City of St Petersburg, conducted on December 20th, 2011:

In our mid-December St. Petersburg general city poll, we asked several questions about the Pier design competition. The Mayor saw his approval raiting go down. City Council also saw their approval rating go down. Red light cameras saw their approval go down significantly.

Total people polled: 1809

Do you approve of how the City Council is doing their job?
Yes: 49.9% No: 50.1%

Do you approve of how Bill Foster is doing as Mayor?
Yes: 49.7% No: 50.3%

Do you think the city installing red light cameras was a good thing?
Yes: 49.2% No: 50.8%

Do you think the city should put the question of whether to demolish and build a new Pier on the ballot?
Yes: 71.1% No: 28.9%

Have you seen the three design plans for the new Pier?
Yes: 73.3% No: 26.7%

Which Pier design plan do you like best?
Maltzan - Lens: 13.1%
BIG - Wave: 25.6%
West8 - Eye: 7.9%
Inverted Pyramid: 24.1%
None of the Above: 29.2%

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