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October 20, 2012 General Election Survey: President

Telephone survey of early voters in Florida for U.S. President, U.S. Senate and Florida Supreme Court Justices retention for the November 6 general election, conducted on October 20th, 2012:

Total people polled: 1,048

These results are scientifically weighted by race and age.
The scientific results shown below have a 3.0% margin of error at a 95% confidence level.

In the race for President, did you vote for Republican Mitt Romney, Democrat Barack Obama
 or one of the third party candidates?
     Mitt Romney:                 49.3%  
     Barack Obama:                48.5%  
     Third Party Candidate:        1.9%  
     No vote in that race:         0.3%

In the race for US Senate, did you vote for Republican Connie Mack, Democrat Bill Nelson
 or one of the third party candidates?
     Connie Mack:                 44.7%  
     Bill Nelson:                 50.4%  
     Third Party Candidate:        3.5%  
     No vote in that race:         1.4%  

Did you vote to retain the three State Supreme Court Justices that are on the ballot?
     Yes:                         56.9%  
     No:                          30.0%  
     No vote on those questions:  13.1% 

Click here to download the full PDF survey report, including demographic breakdown data

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